Urns for ashes


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A cremation urn is a vessel used to hold the ashes left over from a human or pet cremation

Selecting an urn is a very personal and important decision. Often the family of the person who has died will buy an urn that reflects the personality of their loved one. At Caskets Direct we sell a large verity of urns to ensure there are urns to accommodate a range as personal tastes. When looking at buying an urn it's a good idea to think about where the urn will be placed. If the urn is to sit in a special place such as the mantle pieces in the living room, interior design elements of the room it is to go in should be taken into consideration. If style of the room is elegant with classic features an urn such as our Elegant White Enamel cremation urn might suit well. Many homes are built with a lot of timber and so a wooden urn could suit this type of home.

Urns are not always kept at home. Many families choose to bury the urn. Often the urn is buried with their late husband or wife you passed before them. All types of urns can be used for burial but some urns are more appropriate than others. Solid marble urns are a good choice for burial. Brass urns and urns made from other materials can also be buried, but it is recommended that these urns be placed in the burial urn vault to protect it. Urn vaults can be ordered here on our website.

The urn can be a simple open vase or have a simple lid or a screw on lid.

Glass cremation urns and materials

The material urns are made of are many. Urns are made in the following materials, brass urns, glass urns, marble urnscrystal urns, pottery urns, wood urns to name just a few types of urns. Some urns have a lid or base to screws on such as wooden urns. Other urns have a threaded screw on lid, a lot of people prefer the urn to have this feature. Urn lids that do not screw on can be glued in place for peace of mind. Other urns have a drop pin and twist lid. Some cloisonne urns are made in this way.


Brass urns are hand made and a lot of skilled work from experienced craftsman is involved in making each urn. As each cremation urn is handmade there are usually slight differences to the pattern on each urn.


Glass blown cremation urns are made in a glass blowing workshop, these urns usually are made from vibrant colours that swirl and create amazing patterns in the urn. Glass urns usually come with a white satin bag liner to place the ashes in. This internal urn bag helps disguise the ashes so they are not clearly visible through the glass urn.


Ceramic cremation urns are made in several different ways. One of the ceramic urns we at Caskets Direct sell is the Raku urn. These urns are made by hand by ceramic artists. The urns are paint called glaze with is made from minerals. The urns are then place in a kiln in the ground and fired at very hot temperatures, so hot that the urns glow bight orange. The firing process sets the glaze on the urn so it is hard and cannot come off. The urns are then often adorned with accessories which can customised to the families wishes.

To view our online store of cremation urns click here.