Memorial Cremation Jewellery

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Quality gold and silver memorial pendants and necklaces, our memorial jewellery will last the test of time and is the perfect way to store your keepsakes. Each piece of memorial jewelry can be opened via a small port opening and closed with a screw mounted bail or tiny flush set screw. 

Memorial jewellery is a lovely way to keep that special memory of the person you love close. Memorial jewellery 
is designed to hold various types of keepsake items. Cremation ash is the most common keepsake stored in memorial jewellery. The family will often choose a piece of memorial jewellery which reflects the personality of the loved one they have lost. Memorial jewellery can also be used to hold a lock of hair or a few grains on sand from a significant location. 

Families often ask how much sand or ash can a piece of memorial jewellery hold? It depends on the chosen piece of 
cremation jewelry but generally one pendant can hold a pea size amount of ash. The beauty of our range of Madelyn memorial jewellery is that it looks like any other jewellery and unless you told someone no one would know that you are wearing a pendant which stores a keepsake.

Memorial jewellery comes in many different designs from nature inspired flowers and animals to golden tear drops and filigree pendants. 
Memorial jewelleryheart shaped necklaces are some of most popular items. Caskets Direct memorial jewellery is made from a variety of materials from sterling silver, solid gold, titanium and gold vermeil.


Cremation jewellery is a relatively new memorial idea that helps keep family memories always close at hand. With dozens of styles to choose from, there is something to match just about everyone’s personality and taste. Cremation pendants are available as crosses, hearts, other religious symbols such as rosary beads, or even animals and other symbols of nature. The infinity symbol and tear drop design are also quite popular among cremation pendants. Likewise, they can be made of gold, sterling silver and even pewter, wood or glass. And, of course, many models are suitable for engraving. Some are even designed to display an etched picture and, in some cases, the piece holds a tiny picture along with the ashes.

Because this idea of storing a small bit of ashes in a piece of memorial jewellery is still very new and unique, the product is known by a variety of names besides cremation pendants. These pieces of beautiful jewelry are also known as memorial pendants, keepsake pendants, cross keepsakes, photo pendants, keepsake urns, glass keepsakes, wood pendants, memory necklace, and even keepsake memorials.

And lest you believe that pendants on a chain are the extent of what cremation jewelry offers to the memorial industry, you should understand that pendants are just the start. Cremation jewellery also encompasses the growing selection of lockets, bracelets, and even key chains are all available as part of the cremation memorial jewellery line.


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