Keepsake Jewellery Pendants


As many news outlets have noted in recent years and months, keepsake memorial pendants is a growing trend in the memorial industry, one that sometimes captures people by surprise when they first hear of it.

Keepsake Pendants such as these pieces is definitely a growing trend that is helping many Americans memorialize their loved ones in very specific, very personal ways. And, what’s more, the trend is very affordable. Industry group’s say that the average cost for a traditional burial is about $7,000, but an average cremation costs about $1,500. That leaves the average of about $5,500 to spend on other things, and many choose to use some of that money to buy a variety of keepsake jewelry pieces so that everyone who is mourning the loss of a loved one can keep a piece of him or her nearby for the ages. Because keepsake 
memorial jewelry pieces can be found for prices as low as $30, many families have begun a tradition of ordering dozens of pieces and distributing them to be worn during a memorial service.

These same families find that sharing of ashes in this way helps when relatives are scattered across the country (or even across the globe) and determining one specific spot in which to permanently display or store the ashes would be a difficult decision. Now, thanks to the growing trend of keepsake memorial jewelry, many families never have to make that decision. They can, very affordably, display the ashes in a wide variety of places.

Of course, while price is an important factor in the popularity of keepsake pendants and its emergence as a growing trend, there are plenty of other reasons that consumers buy keepsake jewelry pieces. An amazing variety of keepsake jewelry is available today, and it can take a huge variety of shapes: heart pendants, oval pendants, even picture pendants are all readily available, and all can be found in sterling silver, gold vermeil and even solid 14 karat gold. The pieces can often be custom tailored to meet even more specific needs: One customer, for example, purchased a lavishly designed, gold keepsake jewelry piece and asked a  professional jeweler to attach some special diamonds and other precious jewels to it. These additional jewels had been part of the customer’s deceased wife’s wedding ring and other special pieces, and including them in a beautiful piece that displayed a tiny portion of the woman’s ashes was the perfect tribute, the man said.

Truly, the sky is the limit when designing or just simply choosing a piece of keepsake 
memorial jewelry that will perfectly memorialize a loved one. That is why memorial jewelry is a growing trend that is helping families across the country celebrate a loved one’s life with dignity and style and, most importantly, a personal touch that cannot be duplicated.