Infant Urns

Infant Urns

Infant urns are for keeping the cremation ashes of a baby. Buying an urn that will create a meaning memorial for the loved one you have lost is a difficult process. If you are struggling to buy the item online please feel free to make a time to come into our privately booked showroom. There is no pressure to buy an urn for your baby on the day. You can browse by yourself or with your family and our staff will be there to answer your questions and give you any time alone you require. If you are unsure about what size infant urn to buy for a baby please call us on  03 8394 3285.

Small Urns

Cremation urns come is all different sizes. Small urns are available for those families who have just a small amount of cremation ashes they wish to keep in an urn. If you have any questions about buying a small urn please call us on 03 8394 3285. We are here to help you. Buying an urn is a difficult thing to do. We can assist you over the phone or in store should you wish to arrange a time to come into our showroom.

Urns for Babies

If you are looking to buy an urn for a baby we have a lovely selection of urns that are suitabe for infants. A baby urn can vary in size depending on what capacity you require. The ashes from a pre-term baby most often will fit in a keepsake heart urn which is about the size of your palm. You can never buy an urn too big. Many families wish to buy an urn for their baby that is bigger as it is comforting to have the urn that is not so tiny. If you wish to have a look at our baby urns in person please contact us and arrive a time to visit our showroom.


Small urns are sometimes used for keeping a portion of ashes. It is very common for ashes to be split up so several family member can keep a small amount of the ashes in their own cremation urn. Our showroom has a lovely selection of urns. We dedicate our shop to only one family at a time so you can have the privacy you need to make such a purchase. We also provide a decanting service free of charge. Many families wish to transfer the ashes them selves, other have the funeral director or crematorium transfer the ashes, it's completely up to you.