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Adult Cremation Urns

Cremation urn sizes

An adult cremation urn holds approximately 3lt or 200 cubic inches of ash. The cremation urns on this page are large enough to hold an adult size amount of cremation ash.

Selecting a cremation urn is a big decision. When you buy a cremation urn online there are many points to considier. The size of the cremation urn. Will the urn fit nicely in the space you have in mind for it? The capacity of the urn, how much ash do you have and what size urn will you need to buy. What colour urn are you looking for and what shape of cremation urn do you find appealing. At the end of the day you have to live with the cremation urn you have selection. Despite this many people select the urn for their loved ones ashes buy what their loved would hae liked.

Buying a cremation urn

Take your time while browsing through our range of cremation urns as there are many urns to choose from. Click on the cremation urns below to find more information on that particular cremation urn.