What Size Cremation Urn Do I Need for Funeral Ashes?

Author: Caskets Direct Pt Ltd  Date Posted:23 March 2014 

Calculating the amount of cremation ashes that will remain after a cremation is not an exact science. During cremation everything disappears including the coffin. The only thing left at the end of the cremation are bones. The bones are the only element that make up what we call 'cremation ashes'. Therefore, it is the height of the person that determines how much ash will remain. Is does not matter if the person was frail or overweight it will still work out the same based on the persons height. 

A very heavy person will not need an extra large cremation urn and a person who lost lost of weight before they died will not need a small cremation urn. Any adult between 4.8 feet tall and 6 feet tall will need a standard adult size urn. 

A standard adult size brass cremation urn is 10" tall or 25cm in height. The average size adult urn holds 200 cubic inches or 3.1liters. 

An adults amount of ash is a lot heavier than most people realise, around 3kg of cremated ash. A brass cremation urn which has not yet been filled weighs approximately 2.3 kg.

If you are unsure what volume of cremation ash will be left over ask your funeral director or crematorium for advice before buying the cremation urn.