Special Funeral Urns for Water Burial of Cremated Ashes

Author: Caskets Direct Pty Ltd  Date Posted:28 May 2014 

Many families contact us asking about urns designed for placing cremation ashes in water. We have a lovely urn which has been especially created for buying ashes at sea called the Deep Ocean Water Urn

The paper cardboard of the Deep Ocean Urn breaks down over several weeks. This water urn comes with a plastic bag made from corn starch. The cremation ashes are placed inside plastic bag and then placed inside the water urn. Once the plastic bag comes in contact with water the bag begins to dissolve. Water burial urns sink within a minute or two of placing the ashes at sea. 

Boats For Hire 

When burying cremation ashes in water you need to be in very deep ocean and place the urn off the side of a boat. The urn can take a week or two to dissolve so it is very important water burial of cremation ashes does not take place in shallow water where it may get washed up or found by someone else.


Chartered Boats can be hired in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and other places like Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays. Many chartered boat companies are available to take you and your family out to sea for the special purpose of burying a bio cremation urn at sea. The and the ashes can be gently placed at sea after a few special words have be said about your loved ones life.

To view or order a bio water burial cremation urn please click here... Deep Ocean Water Urn