Caskets Direct Cremation Urns for the Funeral Ashes

Author: Caskets Direct Pt Ltd  Date Posted:28 March 2014 

Urns for holding cremation ashes have been around for centuries. Any kind of vase or vessel can be used as an urn. 

Cremation urns were originally made from pottery otherwise called ceramics.

Ceramic urns today come in a beautiful array of styles. Many of the ceramic urns we sell are made by artisans who create modern pottery urns from clay. 

Cremation urns do not need to look like a traditional urn. Many people prefer to have an urn that looks like a piece of art in their home and does not immediately say 'urn' to anyone that looks at it. Urns made from ceramics are the perfect way to memorialise your loved one in this way. You can keep your loved one in your home close to you yet people visiting your home may not even notice you have a cremation urn on display.

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