Special Teddy Bear Cremation Urns from Caskets Direct

Author: Caskets Direct  Date Posted:6 July 2014 

New this month to Caskets Direct are Teddy Bear cremation urns. Teddy bear urns are popular with families who have lost babies and children. The teddy urn is large enough to allow you to hold and cuddle the ashes inside. The teddy bear urn is especially designed with a concealed pocket in the back of the bear for holding ashes. The urn comes with a small bag for placing the ashes in. The zip which closes the back of the teddy bear urn up can be sewn tightly closed once the ashes are loaded. 

Our range of teddy bear urns come in a range of ribbon choices around the neck of the urn. A small ribbon in a bow around the the teddy bear urn like a little bow tie is a cute way of adding colour the urn. The colours we offer are purple, pink, baby blue and black. The ribbon on the bear can be removed if you do not wish to keep it on the bear.

Our teddy bear urns are large enough to dress up in small clothes such as dresses or overalls.

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