How to Scatter Cremation Ashes from Funerals

Author: Caskets Direct Pt Ltd  Date Posted:5 March 2018 

This blog post is about scattering ashes

Some families like to keep the cremated ashes in an urn at home while other people like to scattering or spread the ashes in a meaningful location. Cremation ashes can be scattered in various places such as on mountain tops, at the beach or out at sea. Beware of windy weather when scattering ashes. Scattering ashes out of a plane is also not a good idea as the force of the wind when you open the door will blow the cremation ashes into the plane. Some families like to scatter ashes on the playing field at sporting venues or in botanic gardens. This is actually not allowed as it leaves large piles of cremation ashes that just sit there for a long time.

Pouring cremation ashes out of an urn onto a rose bush or around a pant will usually kill the plant. Ash in large quantities does not help a plant to grow. If you plan to empty an urn into the garden it is best to dig a deep hole and place the ashes inside, add soil over and plant on top so the roots of the plant do not directly touch the cremation ashes.

A scattering urn can be used for scattering ashes. Our scattering urns are made from 100% recycled cardboard so they are eco friendly.

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