Remember your loved one with a decorative cremation urn

Date Posted:22 September 2015 

The death of a loved one is a difficult time for the whole family. One way to make this transition more meaningful is to to memorialise your loved one in a way that in meaningful to your family. Some people will use gravestones or monuments, other feel that placing the ashes of their loved in a cremation urn and keeping them close is the best way to create a memorial for their loved one.

Urns are commonly used for keeping the ashes from the cremation. Combining form with function, urns come in a variety of shapes and materials. When it comes to buying an urn, it is worth considering handcrafted artistic urns instead of the traditional style of cremation urn.

Handcrafted urns made by artisans are a unique way to pay tribute to your loved one. These urns are made with love and fine craft skills, which shows respect for the urn which is effectively a work of art. A one off ceramic urn is beautiful way to honor the special person and the life they lived.

Artistic urns can be permenantly displayed as a monument. Since an urn will be an important feature in your home, it should be something special that can be appreciated each day. Handcrafted urns provide this level of sophistication. It is impossible to replace a loved one, but it is possible to remember them with grace and integrity by purchasing the right urn that reflect your loved one.