Where are the different places you can put urns for ashes?

Author: Premium Urns  Date Posted:28 March 2023 

There are several different places where urns for ashes can be placed, including:

  1. In a Columbarium: A columbarium is a structure or building that contains niches for urns to be placed. It is often located within a cemetery or mausoleum.

  2. Burial: Urns can be buried in a cemetery plot or placed in an underground vault.

  3. Home: Many people choose to keep urns at home as a way to keep their loved ones close. The urn can be placed on a mantel, shelf, or other location within the home.

  4. Scattering: The ashes can be scattered in a location that was meaningful to the deceased, such as a favorite park, beach, or mountain. Some urns are designed for scattering, with features like biodegradable materials or a special opening for scattering.

  5. Memorial Garden: A memorial garden is a dedicated outdoor space that can be used to honour and remember a loved one. Urns can be placed within the garden, either in a niche or buried within the ground.

  6. Water: Some urns are designed for water burial, and they will float for a while before eventually breaking down and releasing the ashes into the water.

  7. Other locations: Depending on local laws and regulations, urns can also be placed in other locations, such as a natural burial ground or a special memorial site.

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