How are ceramic raku urns made with cremation ashes?

Author: Premium Urns  Date Posted:28 March 2023 

Ceramic raku urns for cremation ashes are made using a specialized pottery technique called raku firing. Here are the general steps for making a raku urn:

  1. First, a ceramic potter creates the basic shape of the urn using clay on a potter's wheel or by hand-building with coils or slabs of clay.

  2. Once the basic shape is complete, the potter allows the urn to dry partially, so that it's firm enough to handle but still pliable.

  3. Next, the potter carves or applies designs to the urn. This is the stage where any personalized touches or decorations can be added to make the urn unique.

  4. After the urn is finished, the potter fires it in a kiln to harden the clay and prepare it for the raku firing process.

  5. The urn is then removed from the kiln while it's still hot and placed in a container filled with combustible materials such as sawdust or newspaper.

  6. The container is covered, and the urn is allowed to smoke and cool down. The smoke and fire interact with the glaze on the urn, creating unique patterns and colors.

  7. Once the urn has cooled, the potter removes it from the container and cleans it up, removing any excess ash or debris.

  8. The urn is then ready to be filled with the cremation ashes and sealed with a lid or stopper.

It's important to note that raku urns are not always designed to hold the entire volume of cremation ashes. Instead, they are typically smaller than traditional urns and are meant to hold a portion of the ashes as a keepsake.

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