Special Cremation Urns for Infants Funeral Ashes

Author: Caskets Direct Pt Ltd  Date Posted:26 March 2014 

Finding the right infant urn to hold the ashes of your little one can take some time. It is important to find the perfect infant urn for you and your family. Urns act as a memorial and are an import part of bringing home the ashes. Infant baby urns come in different sizes and materials. Some infant urns do not look like urns are all. 

For example our infant angel teddy bear urns which are soft plush teddy bears with a hidden space to hold the ashes. Teddy bear infant urns can be held and cuddled to provide comfort.

Our most popular infant urns are made from solid brass and beautifully plated with silver nickel and coloured enamel. These types urns come in baby blue and pale pink which many families find a comforting choice for an infant urn. 

If you are unsure about what size infant urn to buy the best place to start is by asking your funeral director or crematorium. They will be able to advice what capacity urn you will need. The capacity or volume of an urn is usually provided in liters or cubic inches. 

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