Date Posted:23 June 2015 

Cremation is the process used to burn the body when someone has died. Cremation ashes are what is refereed to the left over remains of the body. Cremation ashes are note actually ash. The only part of the body that remains after the cremation process are the bones. The bones are then processed in a machine to make them into a fine powder which the funeral industry call ash. 

Some very small amount of ash will be present in the 'cremation ashes' but for the most part cremation ashes are ground up bone (calcium). 

I often get asked what do ashes look like? As bones are made from calcium the same as seashell are when bones are ground up they look like sand. (crushed up shells) If we have a better understanding about the cremation process and what to expect it can help make dealing with the loss of our loved one a little easier.

What you decide to you with the cremation ashes is a very personal decision. Some families only wish to keep all the remains in one vessel or place. Other families are happy to split the ashes up in many small parts so that each family member can keep a little part of their beloved cremation ashes. 

Ashes can be scattered at the beach or kept in the lounge room in a cremation urn. The average amount of ash left over from an 5',5" adult is 2.8- 3lt. The ashes are very heavy and can weigh 5-6 kg. A standard brass urn weighs approximately 2.6 kg. Combined the weight of a filled cremation urns is much larger than most people expect. 

If you have any questions about cremation urns please feel free to call us. We are more than happy to assist you with any information you may need on buying a cremation urn online.