Cremation Jewellery Styles and Symbolism

Date Posted:22 September 2015 

Buying a piece of cremation jewellery is a lovely way to pay respect to your loved one. There are a wide variety of options in the design of a cremation pendant that can make it a truly sentimental piece of cremation jewellery jewelry that you can keep the ashes close to you in.
Cremation Jewellery

Cross Pendants: Christians that hold their faith in high regard will certainly appreciate the beauty and symbolism represented by a cremation jewellery pendant that has been created in the style of a cross. You can find very simple designs as well as very ornate ones. We like the small simple cremation crosses as the jewellery is more discrete.

Heart Shaped Cremation Jewellery Pendant: You can also find cremation pendants that are shaped in a heart and these come in a wide range of styles and finished, from those that look like jewels to others that are a simple gold or silver tone in the cremation jewellery. Most often than not the cremation jewellery opens by unscrewing the bail at the top of the pendant.

Cremation Jewellery Teardrop Pendants: A teardrop is a lovely symbol of sadness and you can find beautiful teardrop cremation pendants in gold or silver as well as combination metals. Tear drop cremation jewellery pendants are one of our best sellers. The small tear drop design we sell is a classic piece that is timeless and most likely a design that you can grow old wearing and not become tired of.

Cremation Jewellery Symbolism: While the cross, heart, or teardrop symbols are widely recognized, you may prefer something a bit more suited to the person who has passed. You can find cremation pendants that feature images from nature, such as doves, flowers, leaves, dolphins, paw prints, horses, butterflies, and so much more.