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How do I decide what funeral coffin to buy and how much to pay?

Buying a coffin can be a very expensive addition to the total cost of your loved ones funeral. Funerals expenses can quickly add up and the majority of families cannot justify paying $5000 for the coffin or casket but still would like to have a quality timber coffin for their loved one. Many of us simply cannot afford the debt that is often incurred by all the expenses a funeral presents.

Here at Caskets Direct we sell a range of quality coffins at prices your family can afford. You wont have to compromise on quality either as we sell solid timber funeral coffins and caskets at a fraction of the price of funeral homes. Fully tested by Test Safe and come guaranteed for peace of mind.

Choosing the funeral coffin or casket is a big decision for your family. The coffin should reflect your loved ones persona with colour shape and detail playing important roles in the decision.

Funeral Coffins

A funeral coffin has a tapered end and a funeral casket is rectangular in shape. Funeral coffins are smaller and present less of a statement to that of a funeral casket. Many families chose coffins over caskets for simplicity. A beautifully designed coffin will have clean lines and the finish will bring out the natural features of the timber. The interior trim of funeral coffins can range of a very basic folded lining to an elaborate frilled satin trim with lace and matching pillow.

funeral directors coffins & caskets

Funeral Caskets

Caskets are larger and more ornate. They have a wonderful presence and usually come with a beautiful upholstered interior. The casket interior is often made from satin or velvet and may have pleated detail. Many caskets come fully fitted with mattresses or adjustable beds. The lid of a funeral casket can be made in one of two ways. It can be made in one whole piece or in two pieces, some times called a split lid casket. A split lid funeral casket can be useful at a viewing as it allows the bottom half of the lid to stay closed.


funeral directors coffins & caskets