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Do you sell coffins or caskets?
No we do not sell coffins or caskets. We only sell urn caskets for keeping cremation ashes in.

Do you do engraving?

Unfortunately we do not have the equipment to provide an engraving service. Our customers are encouraged to go to their local specialty engraver such as a trophy place to get the best results.

Can an urn that is listed as 'Available by special order' be sent faster than the stated delivery time?


Do you have any seconds or damaged stock you would like to sell at a discount?

No, I'm sorry we do not. All our coffins are made to strict specifications and have all passed Australia's most stringent testing at Test Safe, as such they are only sold in perfect condition.

Do you deliver outside Australia? 

We sell and ship our memorial jewellery and urns worldwide.

I need a cremation urn urgently. Do you have any of your urns available for immediate collection?

We now have limited stock of a small selection of our cremation urns available for collection from our Melbourne office.