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Funeral Information

Funerals can be very expensive and for most families this can add a lot of extra stress and pressure during an already difficult time.  This website is a starting point for gathering much of the funeral information you will need. Including funeral costs and prices, funeral directors and information about funeral coffins and how you can save your family thousands of dollars on the funeral.

The one component of any funeral which significantly increases the price of the funeral is the coffin or casket. Depending on the style of coffin you would like you can quite easily turn a funeral costing $4,000 to $6,000 into a $9,000 to $12,0000 funeral. Budget funeral coffins made from paper veneered chipboard are available for under $1,000 but most families would like something a bit nicer to send their loved one off in. Solid timber funeral coffins and caskets can and usually do cost $3,500- $7,000 and upward, depending on the type of timber used and the detail in the workmanship.

If your family would like a solid timber funeral coffin or casket for your loved one but whith out the enomous price tag you now have an alternative. Caskets Direct Pty Ltd has a range of high end solid timber funeral coffins and caskets at affordable prices. Click HERE to view prices and photos of the Caskets Direct Pty Ltd coffins and caskets.

Caskets Direct was founded by a mum who believes that families deserve to have choice when buying a funeral coffin or casket. We have so many choices when we buy anything else, so why should this purchase be any different?

If you believe in your right to choose then you have clicked on the right website! Stand firm by this belief when dealing with your chosen funeral director and insist on Caskets Direct providing the coffin or casket.

Important information to remember:

  • All of the funeral caskets, coffins and urns supplied by Caskets Direct are Test Safe approved and abide by all Australian regulations
  • Your product is 100% guaranteed.
  • We are happy to email you (or your funeral home of choice) a copy of the report and guarantee
  • If your funeral director doesn't want your business when you have expressed your wishes to buy a Caskets Direct coffin. ie. tries to talk you into buying one of theirs for what ever reason, we have a list of funeral homes whom are are both lovely to deal with and whom are more than happy to speak with you the about funeral plans for your loved one. Call us on Mob 0424 279 950 should you need a recommendation. The majority of funeral directors are genuinely caring and gracious to deal with and are happy to accept our customers. Despite the majority a small percentange may require you to stand firm to your wishes and need reminding that you are the customer and the customer is always right!

When dealing with your funeral home you may need to assure them of the above information.

We are more than happy for you to collect your product from our Melbourne warehouse, however we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our next day delivery service.

Our delivery service is fast and efficient and will also ensure that your funeral coffin or casket is stored in an appropriate manner. This will maintain the products durability, paint and lacquer finish and will also comply with the letter of manufacturers guarantee.

For further information on funeral costs and prices CLICK HERE.