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Funeral Information

Funerals can be very expensive and for most families this can add a lot of extra stress and pressure during an already difficult time.  This website is a starting point for gathering much of the funeral information you will need. Including funeral costs and prices, funeral directors and information about funeral coffins and how you can save your family thousands of dollars on the funeral.

The one component of any funeral which significantly increases the price of the funeral is the coffin or casket. Depending on the style of coffin you would like you can quite easily turn a funeral costing $4,000 to $6,000 into a $9,000 to $12,0000 funeral. Budget funeral coffins made from paper veneered chipboard are available for under $1,000 from the funeral home but most families would like something a bit nicer to send their loved one off in. Solid timber funeral coffins and caskets can and usually do cost $3,500- $7,000 and upward, depending on the type of timber used and the detail in the workmanship.

We are more than happy for you to collect your product from our Melbourne warehouse, however we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our next day delivery service.

If you would like a recommendation on which funeral home to use please contact us. We know many lovely caring funeral directors all over Australia and would be happy to point you in the right direction.